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Create Greater Value and Elevate Your Real Estate Transactions with Home Inventory Services

Real Estate Brokers - Home Inventory Benefits

 Welcome to a new era of real estate excellence! As a forward-thinking Realtor, you understand that providing exceptional service goes beyond the property transaction itself. It’s about anticipating your clients’ needs and offering innovative solutions that set you apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

Why Recommend Home Inventory Services to Your Clients?

Enhanced Client Experience: Go beyond the ordinary. Offering home inventory services demonstrates your commitment to a seamless and stress-free real estate experience for your clients. Clients will appreciate your proactive approach, fostering a sense of security in their real estate decisions.

Increased Property Value: A meticulously documented home inventory adds intrinsic value to a property This is even more apparent when people wish to sell their property with furnishing still in the home. Showcase your listings with confidence, knowing that you’ve provided buyers with a comprehensive understanding of what they are getting in the overall transaction.

Streamlined Insurance Processes: Help your clients transition smoothly into their new homes by expediting insurance processes. A home inventory is a valuable asset in getting proper coverage for a home and maximizing the homeowners ability to settle insurance claims quickly and efficiently

Why Choose My Property Vault Home Inventory Services?

Industry Expertise: Our team comprises experts in insurance coverage and home inventory services. We understand the nuances of protecting a property now and in the future and tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your clients.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Experience the ease of our technology-integrated home inventory services. Streamlined processes, user-friendly platforms, and detailed documentation – we bring innovation to your real estate toolkit.

Promoting your Brand: We provide the benefits of a year-round presence with your clients as we keep your name and photo or logo in front of any referral you provide on their My Property Vault Portfolio landing page as long as they keep an account with us.  from exclusive partnerships with insurers, facilitating a holistic approach to real estate transactions. Strengthen your network and provide comprehensive solutions to your clients. When clients consistently see your name and brand, it becomes ingrained in their memory.  As a result, when they think real estate, they think of you, increasing the likelihood of referrals and repeat business.

Provide $50 Savings to Your Clients and $50 Revenue to you:  We create a Win-Win Relationship for you and your clients by providing both you and your clients $50 each for any referral that signs up for our Home Inventory Services.  This is a great opportunity leverage your relationships to make additional revenue off of all of your clients even if they are not selling or buying a new home at this time.  Plus the extra savings to your clients helps them know you are looking out for their best interest

Elevate your real estate game by recommending home inventory services today. Be the Realtor who not only closes deals but also transforms the entire experience for your clients. Contact us to learn more about how our services can enhance your real estate transactions.

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My Property Vault Full-Service Approach Includes

  • 360-degree virtual tour of their home
  • Floor plan and Roof plan that provides measurements of the entire home
  • Photo Documentation of their most valuable items
  • Valuation of their contents based on age, condition and actual cash value or replacement cash value
  • Secure and updateable Inventory portfolio that can be access from any device at any time.

Your Benefits Include:

  • A Valuable Service for Your Clients: We provide your clients with a complete Home Inventory that will become invaluable to them for Insurance Claims, Estate Planning & Tax Benefits.
  • You Get a Free Ad: We put your name in front of your client for 1 year as their Referral Partner on their My Property Vault Dashboard
  • We Give You A $50 Incentive: You can keep the $50 and we give $50 to your clients.
 Or Call today to become a Referral Partner for My Property Vault 888-828-5800
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